Monday, September 30, 2013

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J. K. Behan Roofing
Before: preparation of the gas vent, care must be taken not to move the gas vent out of positionDSCN0031
After: roof touch up paint adds that detail that makes the job complete
This was direct quote from this Angie’s List customer:   “I saw only  a couple of reviews that had some negativity. I've been in the contracting business for 45 years and I can assure you Jim Behan has more integrity and knowledge of his business than one could hope for. He manages a great crew, respectful of the homeowner, his property, etc. I would recommend him to anyone I know, friends and family alike. If your looking for a source make sure you talk to Jim if you want a really dependable contractor. No short cuts, he makes sure you get a really quality job.”  Robert B. Suntree subdivision, Melbourne, FL